Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sweet Patients.

I know I'm not supposed to have favorites but sometimes, I just can't help it! One of my favorite patients is Ms. B. A while back I told her something about having a boyfriend and she just got so happy and just went on and on about it. Well, today I saw her in the hall and I went to hug her and talk to her for a minute. Here is the conversation:

Me: Hey Ms. B! I've missed you. Love you. (kiss on the cheek)
Ms. B: Hey There! (returns kiss on the cheek)
Me: Remember me telling you about my boyfriend? Want to see a picture?
Ms. B: Yes. Is he Good lookin'?
Me: Yes ma'am (showed her the picture)
Ms. B: Oh my. Is he as sweet as that too?
Me: Yes ma'am. He's very sweet.
Ms. B: Well, if you get married, let me know.

I just walked away cracking up. It was so cute and sweet. She is definitely my favorite. Don't tell anyone though!

Until next time-