Friday, July 16, 2010


Here I sit/lay in my bed on Friday morning at 12:29 a.m....WIDE AWAKE!!!! Last night, I was soooo exhausted. My mind has been working overtime thinking about so many details regarding a wedding and a marriage. It's super fun but exhausting as well. I was so tired that I went to bed at 5:40. I knew it probably wasn't the best idea but I just couldn't stay wake any longer. I just decided to sleep while I could. So, I've done it's the normal time to be sleeping and I'm not! Oh well, I'm taking the blessings as they come. I just keep reminding myself that I will only get married once and this time is so special.

Matt and I are loving planning together. He is such an amazing man and an excellent "helper". He has served my socks off this week and that has made this whole time less intimidating.

We are certainly planning for a wedding which will take place on 1-1-11 at 1:11 p.m. We weren't going for an afternoon wedding at first but then realized we just couldn't pass that time up!!!

Aside from planning a wedding, we are planning a marriage. We have decided that one night/day a week will be dedicated to just us. We are calling it "Matt and Les" day. This time will be dedicated to learning more about each other, reading books to prepare for marriage, quiet times, prayer and most of all, it will not include wedding "stuff". I know there is a lot to think about but we believe that if we focus too much on the wedding that the marriage will suffer before it's begun. As I've said before, we both believe wholeheartedly that God wrote our story and since that is the case, he certainly cares about every detail leading up to our marriage, including the wedding. I mean, really, he's numbered he hairs on my head surely he will take care of the catering decisions too! Don't hear me say that I don't believe I have to do my part because I know I have to put forth effort to make this happen but I'm saying that Matt and I believe that God has best. He knows our heart's desires and he wants to bless us just because that's who he is!

I was talking to a great friend this week and his advice was this: "The Wedding is only a success when the marriage endures" Uh, wow. We completely agree and are so grateful that others are praying for us and supporting us.

So, my questions to all you married folks out there: What did you do to prepare for your marriage? Did you read books? How did you stay focused on the marriage and not just the wedding? How did you turn your brain off at night?

I have so much more to share but I'm thinking I better try to fall asleep.

Until next time-

P.S. I've chosen my bridesmaids! Jill, Brittany, Rebekah and Rachel. I am an incredibly blessed woman to have these women stand by my side at this time in my life.

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