Monday, September 20, 2010

Wow, life is busy

I've wanted to post nearly every night since my last post but honestly I haven't been able to find the energy.

Here's why:

1. Wedding/Marriage is so FUN but time consuming as well.

2. Surgery...I had a small outpatient surgery on 8/23 and recovery and therapy have accompanied it.

3. Work...we are the busiest we have ever been at work. Between the 2 speech therapists we have nearly 35 Part A and Part B patients.

4. Travelling...with the busyness of wedding planning also comes lots of trips home for planning and etc.

5. Matt...I love spending time with my sweet Matt. Sometimes that means not blogging.

As you can see, life is busy but life is also great. We are getting married in 102 into double digits!

Until next time-

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