Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Can't Touch this!

Hello All!

I've been contemplating this post for a long time and tonight I decided that it was finally time to type it up and hit "Publish Post". As most of you know, Matt and I have been dating/courting for the last 5 months (well, almost five months). God has so incredibly blessed our relationship, it's almost too much for Matt and me to comprehend. We honestly have days where we just have to step back and say "Wow, God. Thank you for blessing us."

One of the very first things I shared with Matt when he told me that he was interested in dating/courting was that I had a strong conviction from the Lord to not kiss until I am married. Let me just tell you, as a woman who has never dated anyone (praise God) it is very hard to tell a man that he wouldn't be able to kiss you unless he marries you. Most guys are like "whatever" and "peace out", but not Matt. Matt reminded me that I had told him about that earlier in our friendship and that it was something that he completely respected and wanted to honor. Whew! What a load off of my shoulders. God completely showed up and reminded me that he is EVER FAITHFUL!

So fast forward a bit, Matt and I are just truckin' along in our relationship...learning about each other and completely enjoying each other's company. We both felt a tugging from God that we needed to fast. Not just a one time thing but something that he wanted us to do at least once a week until he said not to or until marriage "happened". This "thing" that the Lord was leading us to was a fast from ALL physical touch on one day out of the week. "WHAT? Lord, we must have heard you incorrectly. We are already not kissing and NOW you are saying that we can't hold hands, hug or even fist bump at least once a week! This is insane." Those were the things that ran through the mind of my flesh man while my spirit man KNEW that it was to be so. Let me just tell you, that one day each week has quite possibly been the best day of most of our weeks. The Lord has shown us so much about each other on those days. We have recently been discussing how awesome it is that we desire to be in each other's presence just as much when we aren't able to hold hands and hug each other and we do when we can. This has been an incredible test of our faith in Christ and our ability to trust Him when He tells us to do something. Also, it has increased our desire to remain pure and set an example of purity for other people.

The journey has been....incredible.

Thanks for reading. I pray you were blessed.

Until next time-

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